Teaching Busy Home Cooks How to Consistently
Make Delicious, Aromatic, and Attractive Meals

A Desire to Cook Well

Hello. My name is Mark Jala and I am the founder of the Home Cooking Academy (HCA). Many years ago a nephew of mine graduated from the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, NY. I saw first hand how he improved with such training. It was nothing short of AMAZING! I wanted to learn some of what he learned!  So, I set out as a non-chef, busy person with a career to learn how to cook well.

Too Much Information - Not Enough Time

I attended local cooking classes. I went through online cooking classes. I bought a pretty good library of cooking books. I bought the cooking DVD's. After a couple years of trying to learn how to cook well, I was confused.

  • I had a lot of information
  • It had a lot of pieces of a very large puzzle
  • It was taking a lot of my time
  • I wasn't cooking much better than before

I knew I had to do something different.

At a Restaurant It Hit Me

When the waiter brought my meal, set it down on the table, and give it a little turn, it hit me.

  • I saw the presentation
  • I smelled the aroma
  • It tasted delicious, just like it always does

THAT is how I wanted to be able to cook, but at home.

  • I wanted to know how to make food LOOK great
  • I wanted to know how to make food SMELL wonderful
  • I wanted to know how to make food so it ALWAYS tasted great

I Needed to Learn Differently

The way the chefs were teaching me wasn't working. I didn't have hours to invest every day to learn and practice like they did. I needed a new system. So... I created one.

I discovered how everything in cooking is connected. Everything affects everything else. Over time, I developed the MITPAC (tm) Formula.

Introducing a Custom Learning System Designed for Busy People - The MITPAC(tm) Formula

Everything in cooking affects everything else! I developed a learning system designed for busy people. When it comes to cooking, there are 6 things you MUST learn together.


    The cooking method can make or break a meal. Every food has cooking methods that work and don’t work. Every month students learn the details of a new cooking method and the better ways to cook certain foods.


    The ingredients can make or break a meal. In any dish, ingredients can be substituted to add color, taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. Every month students get a PDF download of one or more ingredients and what it goes with.


    Cooking techniques can speed up the cooking process or make a meal visually better or taste better. Every month students learn one or more techniques that improve meal quality.


    We eat with our eyes first! How a meal is presented makes all the difference in our expectation, and ultimately how we like it.


    Once we learn something new, we must practice it. We must put it into action, or else we forget it. Every month students get a project to practice at home that uses what they learned that month.


    Boredom ruins a lot of meals. By trying different cooking methods, ingredients, or techniques, we can make the same dish a hundred different ways. Creativity is essential.

An Online Cooking School

The Home Cooking Academy is an Online Cooking School. Every month students go through the MITPAC formula and have a project to try at home.

Designed for Busy People

Unlike local cooking classes that take an enormous amount of time, the Home Cooking Academy has 2 to 3 instructional segments per week. In most weeks students can comprehend all the weekly assignments in about an hour.

Why HCA Works

Every month students learn a cooking method, one or more ingredients, one or more techniques, how to present food, have a project to cook at home, and learn how to be creative with the food items in the project. Learning all these items in a month helps students understand the very essence of what cooking is all about. In cooking, everything affects everything else.

Hear What Students Say About the
Home Cooking Academy (HCA)!

I like having HCA in my kitchen as my ‘cooking coach.’ I have learned lots of useful techniques. One of my favorites is presentation. I can’t wait to learn more and have that dinner party I have always wanted to do and WOW family and friends with their meal. I feel like HCA will give me the ability and confidence to do so.

Sharon C.

A worthwhile site for those eager and new to or with intermediate skills in the kitchen who look to quickly prepare simple, flavorful, and elegant dishes without being dragged through too much detail before you get started.

Ricky M.

I love the fact that as I start another chapter in my life, I’m able to incorporate a new hobby…cooking for fun and with class. The Home Cooking Academy was introduced into my life at the right time, as I was bored with food, and was so tied of trying to figure out what to prepare each evening, but add a little flare and excitement to it. My family’s enjoying the different foods and were totally surprised that I was taking a cooking class. My Son is always wanting to know, what’s new this week… You have to understand, my husband and son have always been the primary cooks in our family, and they can both really throw down. They have always been very creative with their meals…now they have completion…ME!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Connie S.

I'm really impressed with what I've learned from the Home Cooking Academy. This site provides very useful, easy to understand information and techniques to use for the everyday cook.

Jeannette G.
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